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Dental implants are a realistic, strong and permanent way of replacing missing teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth or a number of teeth, and can also be utilised as a much more comfortable and convenient method of keeping dentures in place.

The implant is a small device, made out of titanium metal which acts like a tooth root. Your dentist will fix the implant to the jaw bone where it will fuse and remain in place.

The implant then creates a strong, permanent support for the replacement tooth. This tooth is shaped and coloured to match perfectly with your remaining teeth. It will be fitted as and when the implant is securely in place.

Implants are undertaken under a local anaesthetic, as with an extraction. They can last for many years. Maintaining them as you do your other teeth is important and your dentist will advise you on any specific requirements.

If you are considering the option of having dental implants fitted, one of our dental experts would be more than happy to advise you.  Please call our dental practice on 01666 503403 to find out more.