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Do you know about 'Black Triangles'?



Why do we get these ‘Black Triangles’?

It is usually as a result of gum recession. As the gum recedes (often linked to gum disease) it creeps down, away from the tooth, leaving the tooth in the same position but without the gum support. Unfortunately, our gums don’t grow back. The recession of the gum leaves a space/gap between the teeth which is a direct window into the mouth. Just like our houses at night, if there are no lights on, then our windows appear black.

In the case pictured we were able to fill in these ‘windows’ with a white filling material. Just expanding the width of the tooth to replace the loss of gum.

It’s a simple procedure. No drilling or injections are involved and it has a big impact on appearance and confidence.

Another way of treating these areas is with an artificial ‘gum slip’ or gingival veneer. This is for more pronounced gum recession but is equally effective. Again- no injections or drilling are involved.


If you’re interested- make an appointment with your dentist and they can go through your options.

September 06, 2019 — Kathryn Treasure