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Are we doing a good job at cleaning our teeth?

Well, let’s just say we could do better…

67% of adults clean their teeth at least twice a day and a further 27% brush once a day, while 39% of Brits use an electric toothbrush. As for the 2% who brush less often… yuk! It’s recommended you brush before bedtime and at least one other time during the day.

Are you wondering how to brush your teeth properly? Brushing our teeth is something most of us have done for as long as we can remember, but often without much thought as to how to do it correctly. Well, it's great that you're giving it some thought now! Keeping your teeth clean is a very important part of maintaining overall good oral hygiene.

With a visit to our hygienist we can tweak your current technique to help improve your brushing skills. But here are a few tips:

Angle the brush at 45 degrees

When brushing the sides of your teeth, tilt your brush 45 degrees so that the bristles can reach inside the small gap between your teeth and gums. If plaque builds up in this pocket, it can lead to gum disease.

Brush gently with small circular motions

Many people brush their teeth using a back-and-forward scrubbing motion, but small circular movements are more effective and less damaging.

You also don't need to exert a lot of pressure, or scrub as hard as you can. Gentle pressure is enough to loosen plaque. Many electric toothbrushes come with a pressure sensor which alerts you if you're brushing your teeth too forcefully.

Brush every surface of every tooth

The order in which you brush your teeth doesn't matter, but doing it the same way every time can help ensure you don't miss any surfaces

Spit but don't rinse

Remember, if you rinse with water or mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth, the ingredients in your toothpaste get diluted or washed away. If you choose to use mouthwash then wait a while after brushing, or use it to freshen up at other times of the day when brushing isn't possible.

Clean between teeth once a day

You don't need to do this every time you brush, but cleaning between your teeth daily will help keep plaque at bay. You can use string floss or interdental brushes.

April 12, 2023 — Tola Opaleye